Fitting a modern calliper to an H2C

Re: Fitting a modern calliper to an H2C

Postby 666rog » Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:22 pm

Bic said: Was there a reason for this?
Of course there was a fekin reason but you dont honestly expect a 60 year old piss head to remember something 8 years ago, do you :D
I have an idea I did try and go behind but am thinking the bend back to the caliper was a tad too tight. I dont actually like it passing over the fork leg. If you manage to get yours behind, please post a pic bic ;)
I might then re visit my set up. Keep going dude, you wont regret the results. :up
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Re: Fitting a modern calliper to an H2C

Postby bic_bicknell » Thu Sep 25, 2014 7:13 pm

So here's my feedback since fitting the Calliper today.'s everything I wanted. Vey easy to fit, Pretech supplied several different shim washers so that you could centre up the calliper when attaching to the fork leg. I just used the one thicker washer. Brake hose fitted well, maybe a bit longer than needed but I was erring on the side of caution. I went on the outside of the fork leg like Rog. I was having a few ciders at the time so probably won't remember my reasons in a few years time either! :D Tried it going inside but it was a bit awkward and the angle on the banjo meant that it had to pass very near the bleed nipple. This just felt better. Anyone else considering doing this mod.... you need a 20 degree bend on the calliper end banjo. Either it comes out and you can go round the outside of the fork or you can reverse it and it will bend in just right for going behind the fork leg. But if you go inwards it's tight and somehow doesn't look right. It is possible though. I had my brake line made up at 630mm but it is slightly long. You could probably get away with 600mm.

Went out for a test run and instantly the braking is better. Miles better. I haven't had a chance to bed the pads in, only done about thirty miles, but the difference is amazing. Lever travel is the same as before, initial bite is apparent, (before there wasn't an initial bite until you really squeezed), feeling is good and progressive. Pull hard and you actually brake like you should.

Had a great shakedown run and really started to enjoy the the ability to scrub off speed when I wanted to. Suddenly I can feel the front suspension and judge it's compression and all the feedback is from the tyres, (which is what I want). You can make them squeal at speeds up to 50 or 60 and really feel what's happening to them through the forks and frame. You can lock the front up at anything under 40 if you want to. It's all a bit jelly and not solid like a modern bike but at lest I can feel it all and control the input. Better tyres would improve things more if wanted.

This is a nice compromise between riding a 70's bike and being able to stop. It's all I wanted and I'm willing to put up with the criticism from anyone who accuses me of ruining the classic look or not being authentic. I think it looks OK actually and with the massive lean on the side-stand it's not even noticable most of the time.
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