kh 250 ignition fault

kh 250 ignition fault

Postby raven » Sun Jun 22, 2014 10:08 am

can anyone help ive just rebuilt my second kh250 but it keeps breaking down i just seem to lose the igition to all the plugs it wont rev and stops.
the battary dosent seen to be run down and im sure is charging as in done 10 troublsome miles on the bike but only to take it out again to do 3 miles then break down.
but this fault is interminet ive done 10 miles without a blip then 3 miles after it broke down again if i leave it and put new plugs in it runs again.
ive put new points and condencers in new coils,checked the resistence on the coils on the stater plate and finally put a new combind rectifier reguator on it so now im out of parts to chance.
i did notice when i put the new combind rectifier reguator on my other ike i was gett 15.2 volts at thebatary and on the bike that breaks down only 13.2 volts,dosent seem to make sence to me same unit same bike differnt voltages.
could something ive missed be draining the battary perhaps or a common fault im missing has anyone came across this very annoying problem before can anyone help ?

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Re: kh 250 ignition fault

Postby sam » Sun Jun 22, 2014 11:05 am

Just bad connection. Most likely.
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Re: kh 250 ignition fault

Postby mitsui spy » Sun Jun 22, 2014 7:04 pm

raven wrote: ive done 10 miles without a blip then 3 miles after it broke down again if i leave it and put new plugs in it runs again.

Sounds like it's fouling the plugs then. Either too rich, too oily a weak spark or a combination of these. Are the plugs black and wet when you take them out?
Is it a good battery? It has to be good and fully charged. Take a spare battery with you and see if that fixes it.
Otherwise it's a case of working through it logically when it happens, for example, take a direct live to the coils which eliminates the ignition and kill switch. If that fixes it then it's a bad connection on the eliminated circuit.
It's as simple an ignition circuit as you get so will be a simple fault - just a case of going through the process.
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Re: kh 250 ignition fault

Postby Wolfie » Sun Jun 22, 2014 10:16 pm

Does it work again because of the new plugs or just because it has been left..?

13.2V is not enough to charge the battery so you need to investigate that, it may or may not be your problem.

A fully charged good working battery should go for many hours before the bike dies, but after a rest would give a few more miles (then die again).
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