New ET class at Shakey

New ET class at Shakey

Postby nipper » Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:53 pm

There is a new ET class at Shakey that suits us all .I will be talking to Tony soon so any questions please ask.

Do you want to race at an ACU Drag Racing event!
But can’t find an affordable class to enter?
Well now you can with Shakespeare County Raceway’s new ET bracket classes.

These classes are catered for road going bikes driven off the street to old uncompetitive Competition Drag Bikes stuck at the back of the garage! You can run all makes and models of bikes in both classes:-
Sportsman Bike (SPB) where you can run 11.00 secs or slower or
Pro Bike (PRB) where you can run between 10.99 to 8.50 secs

The Events
MSA/ACU APIRA Springspeed Nationals: 04/05/2013 – 06/05/2013
MSA/ACU APIRA Open Sport Nationals: 24/08/2013 - 26/08/2013
Pre entry is needed and entry forms can be found under downloads at
(You also have to be a member of APIRA or SPRC)
A third event, (dependent on the amount of interest) will take place at the
Extreme Performance Bike Weekend @ Santa Pod Raceway on 5th/6th October 2013

Here’s how it works
The classes will run on a “Dial Your Own Time” and who crosses the line first without breaking out (running quicker than your dial in) Wins. This gives everyone the same chance of winning. Both classes will be run on a .500 Sportsman tree.
What do you need to wear
Helmets bearing the current ACU gold stamp (must be in good condition and properly fitted) must be worn by all riders while practicing and racing. Overseas riders may use helmets as approved by their own FMN. Competitors must wear a complete leather suit of at least 1.2mm in thickness (on all parts of the suit), two piece suits that zip fully together at the waist are acceptable. Non-leather material may be used if it meets with the requirements laid down by the ACU Road Racing Standing Regulations.
Competitor’s footwear must be of leather (i.e. outer hide) or an approved substitute material and of a minimum height of 200mm to provide, with the suit, complete protection i.e. no exposed areas. Competitors must wear leather (or an approved substitute material) protective gloves.
Identification Discs
While practicing and racing, riders are required to wear an identification disc around the neck, attached by a material approved by the Technical Officer. Thin chains should be avoided. The disc must be permanently marked with the wearers’ full name and date of birth. Identification discs shall be of a durable material, circular in shape, between 20 mm and 25 mm in diameter and having edges with no sharp or ragged projections.
What Licence do I need?
You will need an ACU clubman Licence (You will be able to obtain a “One event licence” for the event but you must hold a full bike licence (You must pre enter and will not be able to enter on the day) If you or your bike are running for the first time, you will need to do observed runs and get you licence signed before you can race. These consist of a launch (1/4 track), a burnout (If needed) and a half pass and then a full pass. (These can be done at a Test & Tune weekend before the event so please ask about this at the signing on office).
What bike can I enter?
If your bike is currently MOTed and taxed and is raced in full road going trim (No slicks) you do not need a lanyard kill switch (Recommended only, all other bikes mandatory.) all you need to do is put tape on the lights and mirrors and race.
If it is a competition bike it will have to conform to the current GSRs which relate to the class it runs or used to run.
Fire Extinguishers
All competitors, with the exemption of those travelling to an event on the machine on which they are competing, must have a 2kg (minimum) dry powder fire extinguisher available for immediate use.

ere is a new ET class at Shakey that suits us all see below.
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Re: New ET class at Shakey

Postby gary c » Wed Mar 13, 2013 5:41 pm

yep i will have some of that
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